SuGandh Group
Established in the year 1992 by Mr. Sunil Gandhi, SuGandh Group is involved in consultancy, trading and manufacturing activities in the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.
SuGandh Jewellers LLC
SuGandh Jewellers was formed in 2006 as a part of the Gold & Diamond Jewellery distribution model of SuGandh Group. We supply to the leading jewellery brands in the UAE and abroad. All our operations are united by strong and longstanding relationships with our customers and suppliers.
SuGandh Jewellers - Bullion Division
At the bullion division of SuGandh, we understand the requirements of our high end customers and provide them with a platform to buy gold in the best possible way. Our service include buying & selling of Gold and Silver coins, kilo bars and ounce bars.
Freya Jewels, DMCC
Established in 2007, Freya Jewels is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in the UAE. We thrive on the values of quality, design, innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. The Company has successfully revolutionized the jewellery manufacturing industry to maximize productivity and product quality. We work in partnership with clients and suppliers in order to provide high quality products.
Key Figures
Mission and Vision
To beautify the world with our meticulously crafted fine jewelry and inspire moments of happiness and celebrations.
To Serve the Customers with excellent Jewellery offering and services that imbeds Trust, Purity and Quality.
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